Your friends can't always play when you can so let us pair you up!

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Find courses to play in our massive database of 18k courses

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Find friends that share the same love for golf that you do and most importantly, play golf with them.

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Find people to golf with

If you play with someone new and hit it off, you can become “Golf Buds” on SocialPar making it easier to pair up the next time you both want to play.

Our goal in SocialPar is to help everyone play more golf.  You and your golfing friends are the most important piece in accomplishing that goal.


All the courses you play and more!

Our database of golf courses covers all of the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.  Nearly 18,000 in total!

With all of those courses at your disposal, you can be sure we have your course next door and the ones that you haven’t played yet but should!


A social network with a purpose!

Connect with your existing golf buddies or the new ones you meet using SocialPar.

Have you ever wanted to play golf but your friends can’t when you can?

Any serious golfer has to have been in this situation at least one time.  Our super simple and easy to use social network helps golfers connect up and play.

Meet the SocialPar Team!

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