SocialPar was born the best way things like these happen, out of necessity.  Sometime in late 2010, the to-be founders of SocialPar played their first rounds of golf.  Its one of those sports you either love it or hate it, and you know it right away. We loved it!

Fast-forward two year and we found ourselves golf obsessed engineers with typically bad handicaps.  The only way to get better at this sport is to practice and more importantly, play more golf.  Sometimes your friends aren’t available for whatever reason and that means playing by yourself.

Justin Furniss, the founder, developer, and head custodian at SocialPar from time to time would sneak out on a Sunday afternoon to play golf by himself.  One late Sunday afternoon in the spring of 2013, Justin played Blue Heron Pines by himself and got paired up with a 3-some that plays there all the time.  Getting paired up at a course randomly normally works out fairly OK but can also be really bad if the people you get paired up with don’t want a 3rd wheel.  This pairing, however, worked out very well.  Over drinks at the club house after his round Justin decided he was going to create a way to make successful pair-ups more a more common thing.  SocialPar was born.

Once the initial prototype for the iPhone app was built, Justin enlisted Kevin Hiles to help with testing, marketing, and product roadmaps.  Rob Pangburn joined up soon after to help with marketing and golf course relations.

Our mission is simple, and one that all three of us would be working on regardless of this project.  Play More Golf! 

SocialPar is an AppMagma project.  Check us out: http://appmagma.com/