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BHP-after2-screenshotThe SocialPar newsfeed is the best way to get a balanced combination of Golf News, both local and national, along with what your golf friends are up to. Our newsfeed is uniquely able to show local golf deals to golfers without being tied to a ‘must buy now’ single tee-time offer.

Unlike other forms of online advertising, we understand golf, the people who play it, and how golf courses work.  All advertisers will be assigned a SocialPar ‘Ad Concierge’ that you will work with.  Having this sort of help means that you don’t have to guess if you’re doing things in a way that will be effective on our platform.

Local Advertising for Golf Courses

Using SocialPar, courses can easily create deals and get them in front of local golfers and receive almost immediate feedback.  Combining SocialPar’s in-depth ad campaign analytics with the actual turnout at the course we will know what is, and conversely is not, working.

Our team can easily deploy your ad in the region you desire within hours so you see results fast.  Below are some of the ad types that work with SocialPar:

  • Special Deals (Early bird, twighlight, etc)
  • Upcoming Tournaments
  • Bar / Restaurant Deals
  • Membership offers
  • Contact us with more ideas!


Golf Package Deals (National / Regional / Local)

Do you put together golf vacation packages to help people get the most out of this great sport in an awesome location?  We can help you build, and tweak, advertisements that are shown to people in your demographic (age, sex, region, handicap, etc).

Golf Retail (National / Regional / Local)

If you run a retail shop and want golfers to know about the deals you have we can help.  Whether those deals are to clear the shelves to make room for next year’s lines or just to raise awareness of your brand we’ve got you covered.

Check out our “Social Par” intro video to see why our users love us so much: