Find Local Golfers

We are biased here but we think golf is awesome.  Golf is great played with new friends, life long friends, or even alone.  That said, the more golf friends you have the more you will play this game.  Since we have already established playing this game is awesome, playing more is… well… more awesomer.

The Facebook for Golf?  No, we’re much more…

SocialPar is a social network for golf, built to help you make new golf friends as well as interact with existing friends, resulting in you playing more golf.  We’ve been referred to as “the Facebook for golf,” but to golfers we’re more than that.

Anyone that has played golf more than a couple times knows that if you are a group of less than 4 there is a good chance you’re getting paired up with a random player.  This seldom results in too much trouble since at worst you at least have the love of the game in common.  With the game being a common thread it does not take much more to make someone a good “golf buddy”, or someone you wouldn’t mind playing with again.

A Head Start is Key

SocialPar starts everyone with that common thread and makes it easy to find other common attributes that make you even better candidates to become golf buddies.  In our platform you will see what people in your area are talking about, where they are playing, and other golf related information to help you determine if you are compatible golfers.  Once you have found another golfer you can add them as a friend and message them to setup a time to play.

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“Play Requests” as the Key to Playing More Golf

SocialPar has gone through many changes since it first came to be, but it has stayed true to its initial impetus which is realized by what we call “Play Requests”. A Play Request can be thought of as a classified ad indicating that you are looking for someone to play with in your area.  You can specify the course and when you want to play or just leave it wide open.  Your SocialPar profile (containing your age-range, gender, handicap, hometown, memberships, etc) is attached to any Play Request  you create which makes it easy for golfers viewing your Play Request to find out enough about to you to know if you might have a good time out there together.

 Beyond Finding Partners

SocialPar is also a great place to share stuff you really can’t share on social networks not dedicated to golf.  Our user community is always posting amazing early morning pics out on the course or photos of themselves at landmark courses like the Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale .  Use SocialPar to discuss strategy tips to help you break 80 or which clubs to buy.  These are things that will be wasted on most non-golfers but get big responses from users of SocialPar.

Check out the video below for a demo of how SocialPar will work for you and help you Play More Golf.  Have fun out there and hit’em straight!